Rigid Industries
Part number: 19-1043
Pack size: EA
Group: LED 
Type: Work 
Beam: Flood 
Volt: 12-24V 
Shape: Rect/Square 
Output: 4752lm - 42W 
Size: 81 x 72mm 

Part # 19-1043
Part # 19-1043
Part # 19-1043

Wide Flood -
(Extremely wide diffuse beam pattern). Ideal for illuminating large
work areas that do
not require high light levels, or as a reverse light, or deck light. Also
available in white for marine

  • 4752 lumens
  • 54m beam distance
  • 42W, 3A
  • 0.57kg
  • 6 LEDs
  • 81 x 81 x 72mm
  • 90 degree adjustable bracket.

I Had this unit sent out while I was deployed to Iraq (E-Series 30inch), we put it on our lead
truck to lead the way during the night. We only ran night missions over here and out of
any light
we had out here, including HID, nothing kept up with this unit, the amp draw was very
compared to the output of light, compared to any other unit on the market. Another thing
is its
tougher than nails! The truck saw its fair share of damage with the light making it
through every
time. Thank you Rigid for making such a great product. - U.S. Marine Corps



  • IP68 certified - fully sealed against dust and high pressure washing, sealed deutsch
  • MIL810-STDG vibration certified - vibration and shock resistant.
  • ASTMB117 salt / fog certified - high corrosion resistance.
  • Protected against RFI/EMC electromagnetic / radio frequency interference.
  • Abrasion resistant, optically clear, and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens.
  • Integrated thermal management system & oversized heatsink keeps LEDs cooler &
  • Over and under voltage protection, reverse polarity protection.
  • Made in U.S.A. - 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects - 50,000 hour average


Efficient / High Performance

  • 97% optical efficiency - 97% of all light emitted from the LED is projected forward.
    Leading edge circuitry, latest generation LEDs, & patented optics provide 100 + lumen
    per watt
    making them the most efficient LED lamps available.
  • Very low power draw provides greater reliability & less heat gain (2.9 amps at 14V per
    10 inch section).



  • Compact, light weight design with adjustable mounting bracket to suit most
  • Variable voltage input range 9-36V DC.

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