Spark Shop Ultimate
Part number: 27-143
Pack size: EA
Type: Automatic + Power Supply 
Volt In: 230V 
Volt Out: 12V 
Amp/Watt: 16A 
Feature: 1 Output/8 Stage 
Comment: Lead Acid/Gel/AGM/Calcium 

Part # 27-143

This 12V 16A 8 stage smart battery charger is designed to effectively charge most
battery type. The specially designed charging system automatically selects the correct
current setting for the size of the battery which helps to prolong battery life.


  • Able to test battery condition while charging (faulty battery LED indicator and
    in built buzzer).
  • Accurate voltage and current detection and monitoring on both input and
    output: AC and DC.
  • Automatic selectable charge cycle for Gel, AGM, Lead-acid batteries, also manual
    selectable charge cycle for Calcium-Calcium batteries provides the best possible
    charge for each battery type.
  • Complete charging cycle including desulphation/pulse, soft start, bulk, absorption,
    analysis, boost (equalisation), float, and maintenance to fully charge the battery
    and prolong battery life
  • Even cell voltage function allows all battery cells to be charged equally.
  • Charger Type: Automatic switch mode 8 stage battery charger
  • Lead Length 240V: 2m
  • Lead Length 12V: 0.5m
  • Lead Connector Alligator Clips: 0.5m (1m total)
  • Ring Terminal Connectors: 0.5m (1m total)
  • Input Power: 180 - 250V, 50Hz
  • Output Power: 12V 16A - 192W
  • DC Power Suppy: 13.5V DC 12A current
  • Reverse Connection Protection: Yes
  • Short Circuit Protection (for when battery clamps are touched together): Yes
  • Case Type: Anodised aluminium
  • Operating Temperature (ambient): -15 to 50 degrees celcius
  • Chargeable Battery Type: 12V Lead-acid, Calcium, Maintenance free Gel/AGM batteries
  • Deep Cycle Battery Range: 24Ah to 200Ah
  • Automotive Battery Range: 140 CCA to 1600 CCA
  • Marine Battery Type: 180 MCA to 2000 MCA
  • Time to Full Charge: 6 - 20 hours