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Part number: 27-385
Pack size: EA
Type: Charge Controller 
Volt In: Solar 
Volt Out: 12/24V 
Amp/Watt: 30A 
Feature: LCD Screen 

Part # 27-385

Highly efficient charge controller that utilises pulse width modulation (PWM)
for increased battery life & optimised system performance.

Product Features:

  • 12/24VDC Auto Detect
  • LCD screen displaying battery voltage, PV charge current, load discharge
    current, total PV discharge Ah, low voltage disconnect, low voltage reconnect
  • Electronic Protection Functions
  • External temperature sensor
  • Temperature compensation automatically regulates charging and discharging
    parameters for improved battery life
  • Power from pv indication 
  • Dual solar input terminals 
  • Suitable for use with GEL, Sealed Lead Acid & Flooded Batteries


  • Nominal voltage:  12/24, Automatic Recognition
  • Nominal battery current:  30A
  • Max PV input power:  450W@12V / 900W@24V
  • Max solar input voltage VOC:  < 30V / 48V
  • Min solar input voltage VMP:  > 16V / 32V 
  • Power conversion efficiency:  Max 90% 
  • Standby power consumption:  < 15mA
  • Length
  • Length
  • Temperature compensation:  -3 mv/cell *K
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):  172 x 126 x 73 mm
  • Weights:  0.35kg
  • Ambient temperature range:  -40 to +50?C
  • Case protection:  IP22
  • Float charge:  13.8V / 27.6V
  • Constant voltage charge:  14.6V (14~15V settable) 29.2V (28~30V Settable)
  • Low disconnect voltage:  11V (10.4~11.4V settable) 22V (20.8~22.8V Settable)
  • Low reconnect voltage: 12.8V (12.2~13.2V Settable) 25.6V (24.4~26.4V Settable)
  • Grounding:  Positive Grounding
  • Battery Type:  GEL,AGM, Solar Battery, Wet Battery