Part number: 01-AE4007
Pack size: EA
Type: UHF Colinear 
Frequency MHz: 477 
Gain dB: 6.6 
Height: 600 

Part # 01-AE4007

Built to last, the stainless steel whip range from GME is durable and is mounted
onto any antenna base with a 5/16" antenna connection. The heavy duty whip
has a 3.5mm diameter with the centre coil style, pretuned to UHF 477 MHz.
These antennas ill outperform any stainless steel whip on the market.

As with all stainless steel whips of this style, it is not recommended for installation
on diesel 4WD vehicles.


  • Stainless steel whip
  • Ground Dependent
  • Length 600 mm
  • Thread 5/16 x 26 TPI
  • Frequency Band:  477 MhZ
  • dBi (Gain):  6.6
  • Construction Type:  Heavy duty stainless steel whip (3.5 mm),
    chrome plated ferrule.
  • Height/Length:  600mm

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