Part number: 03-P375B
Pack size: EA
Type: Alarm / Immobiliser 
Volt: 12V 
Star Rating: 5 Star 
Features: Glass Break Sensor & Mini Bat.Backup Sir 

Part # 03-P375B

***Important Installer Note***
- Read Before Ordering!!! -

Note: Before attempting to install any alarm, check if the vehicle has CAN-BUS.
Some CAN-BUS vehicles will require a special CAN-BUS alarm, some will not.
Unfortunately you cannot determine what vehicles require a CAN-BUS alarm
just by the fact that the vehicle has CAN-BUS. Most new vehicles today have
CAN-BUS but some still do not have the ability to have a CAN-BUS alarm installed.
The only way for you to know is to access the vehicle database on the Dynamco
website. If you do not have a login to the installers section of the Dynamco website
then use the below website link and complete the registration form.


If you determine from the Dynamco vehicle database that a vehicle requires a CAN-BUS
alarm, contact us with the Make / Model / Year information and we can organise an alarm
to be preprogrammed to suit the vehicle. It will take 2 to 3 working days to have the alarm
programmed and air freighted over. The part number for a CAN-BUS alarm is 03-695CAN.

Note: See below linked 03-051 for information on installing the mini battery backup siren

Read the below blue text for guidance on how to turn off the mini battery backup siren:
To change the vehicles battery turn the ignition ON before disconnecting battery.
This will disable the internal battery. Turn the ignition to OFF after replacing vehicles battery

The 03-P375 5 star Cyclops remote controlled alarm/immobiliser comes with mini siren and glass break sensor

and may provide keyless entry.
NOTE ! - See 03-P775B below for TRANSPONDER equivalent

  • Two independent circuits of immobilisation - 30 Amp relays built in.
  • Remote controlled code hopping system with 1,800,000,000,000,000,000 code combinations.
  • Hazard lights flash for confirmation of arm/disarm.
  • Auto arming & re-arming 39 seconds after ignition turn off.
  • Independent hazard fuse main unit does not loose power if thief short circuits an indicator.
  • Concealed plug in assembly unit cannot simply be unplugged.
  • Override - PIN code is entered by means of ignition switch.
  • Bright flashing LED indicates status of immobiliser.
  • Hot wire warning - hazard lights flash for 5 seconds.
  • Optional doors, bonnet and boot protection - horn sounds if connected.
  • Central locking outputs.
  • Optional boot release - output available to activate boot release relay.
  • Panic mode - engage horn by remote control if horn is connected.
  • Optional door re-lock function. Optional anti-hijack function.
  • High current negative output for interior light - drives resistive loads up to 2amps.
  • Wide range operating voltage 9 volts to 18 volts - Extra low operating current - less than 10 mA in the armed mode.
  • Reverse polarity protected. Load dump protected.
  • Fail safe immobilisation circuitry - if system loses +12 volts or one ground while driving, engine continues running.
  • Normally open immobilisation relay contacts ensuring that engine cannot be started if total power removed to system.
  • NZSA Certified & Manufactured in an ISO 9002 facility.

For more detail click on the PDF link below!

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