Part number: 03-P775
Pack size: EA
Type: Alarm / Immobiliser 
Volt: 12V 
Star Rating: 4 Star 
Features: Glass Break Sensor & Siren & Transponder 

Part # 03-P775

***Important Installer Note***
- Read Before Ordering!!! -

Note: Before attempting to install any alarm, check if the vehicle has CAN-BUS.
Some CAN-BUS vehicles will require a special CAN-BUS alarm, some will not.
Unfortunately you cannot determine what vehicles require a CAN-BUS alarm
just by the fact that the vehicle has CAN-BUS. Most new vehicles today have
CAN-BUS but some still do not have the ability to have a CAN-BUS alarm installed.
The only way for you to know is to access the vehicle database on the Dynamco
website. If you do not have a login to the installers section of the Dynamco website
then use the below website link and complete the registration form.

If you determine from the Dynamco vehicle database that a vehicle requires a CAN-BUS
alarm, contact us with the Make / Model / Year information and we can organise an alarm
to be preprogrammed to suit the vehicle. It will take 2 to 3 working days to have the alarm
programmed and air freighted over. The part number for a CAN-BUS alarm is 03-695CAN.

The 03-P755 4 star Cyclops remote contolled alarm / immobiliser with transponder, siren,
and glass break sensor and may provide keyless entry.

  • Code Hopping Random Encrypted remotes with 2 buttons with 4 functions.
  • Holds memory up to 10 remote controls - (oldest programmed is rolled off after programming 11th remote).
  • Automatic condition report of remote control battery.
  • Ultra bright blue LED for transmit indication.
  • Automatic Transponder style disarm - no need to press the remote control to drive the car.
  • The interior light on arm will dim out and slowly increase in brightness on disarm.
  • If connected to central locking the doors will lock on ignition turn on and unlock on ignition turn off.
  • Full diagnostic information giving report on the last three triggers.
  • This information is retrievable via the remote control.
  • Disarm and boot release by pressing second button for two seconds.
  • New long life battery operation.
  • Two independent circuits of immobilisation via Siemens high quality relays and automotive spade terminals.
  • Auto Arming - 39 seconds after ignition turn off.
  • Intelligent auto arm If system has auto armed, the next push of the arm button locks the doors.
  • Auto lock option - doors lock on ignition ON and unlock on ignition Off.
  • Auto Re-lock - system locks doors if vehicle unopened for greater than 120sec after disarming (Installer selectable).
  • Indicator confirmation - flashes lights upon arm/disarm.
  • Confirmation chirps - chirps siren or horn upon arm/disarm
  • High security 50,000 combination PIN override.
  • Panic/car locator feature.
  • NZSA Certified & Manufactured in an ISO 9002 facility.

For more detail click on the PDF link below!