Part number: 07-5619
Pack size: EA
Group: LED - Pair 
Volt: 12V 
Shape: Rectangle/Square 
Mount: Surface Mounting 
Size: 283 x 25mm 

Part # 07-5619

Be safe. Be seen. With HELLA’s Safety DayLights. The forward facing signal
lamps enhance the visibility of your vehicle significantly to other road users
during daylight hours and thereby reduce the risk of an ‘accidental oversight’
collision. Failure to see a vehicle approaching, especially at intersections,
has been identified as one of the most significant factors in daytime accidents.

“Never forget” safety enhancement
Safety DayLights™ will automatically switch ON once ignition is activated and
turn OFF when headlights or park lamps are turned on.

Maximal visibility – Minimal power consumption
With a super low power consumption of only 3 watt the LED lights use 95%
less energy than dipped beam headlamps, saving 0.2 litres of fuel per 100 km.

Tough under pressure
Completely sealed, maintenance free. Designed to withstand high pressure
washing and temporary submersion.

Reliable – durable – ultra long service life
Superior materials feature UV, corrosion, impact and shock resistance
ensuring an ultra long service life.