LED Autolamps
Part number: 19-120035AM
Pack size: EA
Type: Flasher 
Mount: Fixed 
Colour: Amber 
Suppression: Suppression - Basic 
Size: 131 x 30 x 8mm 
Feature: Class 1 - 3M Tape 

Part # 19-120035AM
Part # 19-120035AM

Features / Specifications

  • 14 Flash Patterns
  • 3M Tape for Fitting
  • Synchronising Wire
  • SAE J595 Class 1
  • IP67 100% Water proof
  • Voltage Range 12-24 Volt
  • 131mm x 30mm x 8mm

Fitting Instructions

  • Selection - Touch Brown to Red for flash selection
  • Synchronise - Join all brown wires together (up to 20)

Flash Patterns

1. Constant On
2. Single (2Hz)
3. Double (2Hz)
4. Quad (2Hz)
5. Random
6. Double (Split)
7. Quad (Split)
8. Single all (SAE)
9. Double all (SAE)
10. Quad all (SAE)
11. Quint all (SAE)
12. Ultra all (SAE)
13. Single-Quad all
14. Constant/Double

Flash Selection

1. Connect Red wire to power and Black wire to earth to power the lamp.
2. Tap Brown wire to power to cycle through the 11 flash patterns.
3. Hold Brown wire to power for 7 seconds to reset to the start (Constant Flash Pattern #1).

Simultaneous or Alternating Flash (when using multiple units)

1. To enter grouping mode, connect all Red and Brown wires together, then connect to power.
Each lamp will flash to identify which group they belong to. Single Flash = Group 1, Double Flash = Group 2.

2. While maintaining power to Red wires, remove the Brown wires from power.

3. To change groups, tap Brown wire to power. Lamps that are set to the same group will flash
simultaneously. Lamps that are in opposite groups will alternate flash.

4. Once lamps are in desired group, disconnect Red wires from power then reconnect to power
to exit grouping mode.

5. Connect all brown wires together to synchronise lamps. (Hold all brown wires to power for
7 seconds to reset all flash patterns to start) NOTE: Maximum of 20 lamps can be Syncronized together