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Part number: 19-714
Pack size: EA
Type: Light Bar 
Mount: Fixed / Mag 
Colour: Amber 
Suppression: Suppression - Basic 
Size: 390 x 220 x 70mm 
Feature: Class 1 - R65 - Sim Rotate / Flasher 

Part # 19-714
Part # 19-714

Class 1 = On-road vehicles operating in speed of traffic (eg: fire, police, ambulance,
rescue, pilots, breakdown utes, tow trucks)
Class 2 = Offroad vehicles and those NOT in speed of traffic (eg; forklifts, industrial
machines etc)
Class 3 = Not moving at all (eg; buildings, gensets etc)

  • See below Magnetic Mount Kit to upgrade 19-714 to enable it to be
    magnetically mounted. The 19-714 comes pre-fitted with cigarette
    plug with switch to make magnetic mounting easy.

  • Simply remove the cigarette plug and utilise the supplied stainless steel
    mounting brackets and fittings for permanent mount applications.

Power Requirements
The 19-714 is designed to be powered by 10-30 volt DC electrical systems with a negative
ground. The maximum current requirement is 1.10 amperes input current @ 12.8 volts DC.



  • The power cord is 2.5m long.
  • Base threaded mounting holes: 200mm X 100mm apart
  • Mounting brackets: lift lamp 25mm+/- have holes 185mm +/- apart

Red = +VDC
Blue = Ground
Green =
+VDC/Flash Pattern Change

If the cigarette plug is removed for permanent mount applications then a momentary switch
(not included) connecting the Green wire to positive voltage is required to cycle through the
light bars flash patterns.

Changing Flash Patterns

Pressing the momentary switch for 0.5 to 2 seconds will cause the light to switch to the next
pattern. Pressing the momentary switch for 2.5 seconds will cause the light to go back to the
first pattern.

Flash Patterns:
1) Double (Rear-Side-Front-Full)
2) Double (Right-left Split)
3) Triple (Full)
4) 1)-2)-3) Combine
5) Rotate (Single)
6) Rotate (7 Groups Triple)
7) H/L (Right-left Split)-Quad (Full)
8) Triple H/L (Full- Right-Left)
9) Quad (Full)
10) 3)-2)-5) Combine

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