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Part number: 19-762
Pack size: EA
Type: Light Bar 
Mount: Fixed / Mag 
Colour: Amber 
Suppression: Suppression - Basic 
Size: 380 x 171 x 38mm 
Feature: Class 1 - R65 - Sim Rotate / Flasher 

Part # 19-762
Part # 19-762

Super Slim 'Stealth' Light Bar

This super slim 'stealth' amber light bar (only 38mm high) is an ideal warning light
solution for a variety of applications due to their compact size and high intensity
Class 1 illumination.

It has an attractive modern design and offers 18 flash patterns including slow and
fast rotating. Its economical, low profile design enables it to be used in pairs to
replace traditional rotating beacons.

This light bar also boast a unique dual mounting feature enabling them to be installed
by permanent or magnetic mounting.

Magnetic Mounting
The lamps are pre-fitted with cigarette plug with switch to make magnetic mounting
easy (note: requires purchase of optional magnetic mount kit - see below link).

Permanent Mounting
Simply remove the cigarette plug and utilise the supplied mounting bracket and fittings
for permanent mount applications.

  • Voltage:  12-24V
  • Size: 380 x 171 x 38 (LxWxH) mm

Permanent Mount

Wire Color Codes Flash Pattern Selection

RED - Power To select flash pattern apply WHITE (GREEN) wire to RED wire for:

..........WHITE (GREEN) Control - Less than one second for next flash pattern

..........BLACK Ground ...............- More than one second for previous flash pattern

.................................................- More than five seconds for default flash pattern

Magnetic Mount

Flash Pattern Selection: To select the next flash pattern, use the rocker switch on cigarette plug.

Flash Patterns

1 Rotating (slow) (Default)
2 Rotating (fast)
3 Single (2Hz) (R65) (split) 123FPM
4 Double (2Hz) (R65) (split) 123FPM
5 Triple (2Hz) (R65) (split) 123FPM
6 Quad (split) 75FPM
7 Single (all) (SAE) 75FPM
8 Double (all) (SAE) 75FPM
9 Quad (all) (SAE) 75FPM
10 Quint (all) (SAE) 75FPM
11 Steady Half (California) 75FPM
12 Single (2Hz) (R65) 123FPM
13 Double (2Hz) (R65) 123FPM
14 Triple (2Hz) (R65) 123FPM
15 Quad (2Hz) (R65) 123FPM
16 Hyper Flash (split) 81-500FPM
17 Mega-Flash (split) 61FPM
18 Steady on (all)

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