Part number: 19-7660A
Pack size: EA
Type: Beacon - LED 
Mount: Fixed 
Colour: Amber 
Suppression: Suppression - Basic 
Size: 160 x 158mm 
Feature: Class 1 - Physical Rotate 

Part # 19-7660A

Class 1 = On-road vehicles operating in speed of traffic (eg: fire, police, ambulance,
rescue, pilots, breakdown utes, tow trucks)
Class 2 = Offroad vehicles and those NOT in speed of traffic (eg; forklifts, industrial
machines etc)
Class 3 = Not moving at all (eg; buildings, gensets etc)

3 Bolt Mount Rotating LED Beacon

19-7660A RotoLED beacon combines all the major benefits of the latest LEDs with the identifiable
warning signal of a rotator. LED hybrid technology provides a high intensity rotating warning
signal with no gears, brushes or bulbs to wear out. Brushless magnetic drive system is used to
spin the reflector disk, reducing noise and eliminating the typical motor/gear drawbacks
associated with conventional rotators. Eight 3-watt LEDs combined with a TIR optic produce an
SAE Class I warning beam. Additional benefits include an extended service free life, low amp

  • Voltage: 12-24V
  • Eight 3 watt LED's provide unrivalled flash intensity
  • Long, maintenance free service life and low amp draw benefits of LED technology
  • Low amp draw, long-life and maintenance free lighting solution
  • 120 flashes per minute
  • Max current: 2.08 Amps
  • 160mm diametre x 158mm high

    2 Year Warranty