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Part number: 20-332HD
Pack size: EA
Group: Rear View - High Def 
Type: Kit 
Feature: 7 Inch 
Comment: 3 Cam.Inputs,Audio/IP69K/Heater Function 

Part # 20-332HD
Part # 20-332HD

IMPORTANT NOTE: High definition (HD) rear view camera products are compatible with
non HD products except in the case of basic non HD monitors. If you are using a basic 
non HD monitor you MUST only use it with basic non HD cameras.

Key Features


  • High Definition: The monitor and camera now provide 1024 x 600 pixel
    high resolution
    crystal clear image quality.

  • Heater Function: The camera now provides heater function which
    automatically prevents the camera lens from 'fogging up' to ensure
    good visibility at all times.

  • IP69K: Camera is pressure washable with fully waterproof housing.



  • High Definition (HD) crystal clear resolution and wide viewing angle
  • Sleek 7 inch TFT LCD digital colour display
  • Automatic backlighting of buttons
  • Unique 'touch screen' buttons
  • Picture image can be adjusted for Horizontal, Vertical, Mirror, and Normal viewing
  • 3 camera inputs - uses 13 pin connection
  • Operates from 10 - 32V
  • Automatically switches to back-up, left or right hand side camera views
  • Full function remote control
  • In-built speaker


  • High Definition (HD) crystal clear resolution
  • Backup camera with auto shutter
  • Wide 120 degree viewing angle
  • Heater function automatically prevents 'fogging up'
  • Heavy duty construction to suit demanding conditions
  • IP69K - Pressure washable fully waterproof housing
  • Day/Night sensor automatically adjusts to lighting conditions
  • 10 metre night vision viewing distance
  • Enables switching between Mirror / Normal image to suit both front and rear applications
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degrees celcius
  • Supplied with 20m High Definition camera cable
  • With audio