Spark Shop Ultimate
Part number: 20-500
Pack size: EA
Group: Parking Sensor 
Type: Kit 
Feature: Rear Facing - Wireless 
Comment: Black Sensors x 4, 12/24V 

Part # 20-500

Note: Maximum detection distance between senors and buzzer is 5 metres

Note: O.D. mount hole is 18mm. Rim mounting hole is 22.8mm

The rugged design of 20-500 makes it the perfect reverse parking assist system for your
commercial vehicle or pickup truck. Featuring a wireless connection between sensors and
buzzer, intelligent moving object detection and anti-false alert technology the 20-500 is the
essential reversing sensor system for any commercial vehicle.


  • Commercial vehicle audible only wireless reverse parking warning system
  • Alarm sounds increase in intensity in proportion to your distance from the object
  • Includes under bumper mount options & waterproof control unit.
  • 4 x digital rear sensors

Technical Specifications:

  • Wireless buzzer alert with adjustable volume
  • Intelligent moving object detection & anti false alert technology
  • Programmable for tow bar or spare wheel recognition
  • Range detection with voice alerts 2.0-0.3M, accurate to 0.01M
  • Maximum detection distance between sensors and buzzer is 5M
  • Includes under bumper system ideal for commercial vehicles
  • Self-test function at start-up
  • Suitable for both 12V and 24V vehicles
  • Water resistant ECU module