Part number: 20-SE770D100
Pack size: EA
Group: Rear View - 360 Degree 
Type: Kit 
Feature: 7 Inch 
Comment: 12/24V,4 Cameras,1 Image - 0 Blind Spots 

Part # 20-SE770D100
Part # 20-SE770D100

4 Cameras, 1 Image, 0 Blind Spots

A revolutionary improvement in transport safety!!!

Note: This system requires the purchase and use of calibration tool & software kit part number
20-BN360CK01 linked below to complete the installation process. The 20-BN360CK01 kit can be
returned for a full credit refund once the calibration process has been completed,
as long as the kit is returned in GOOD OPERATING CONDITION WITH NO MISSING OR

Brigade's Backeye 360 degree Select system allows the driver to see a complete surround birds-eye view of
the vehicle eliminating blind spots and reducing collisions. This intelligent camera monitor system is designed
to assist lowspeed manoeuvrability by cleverly combining the ultra wide angle of 4 cameras mounted on the
front, sides and rear of the vehicle to produce 1 single real-time 360 degree image.

Presenting all-round visibility in one image saves the driver having to process information from several mirrors or
monitors in quick succession, making it easier to assess potential hazards. This innovative system allows the
driver of the vehicle to literally see any obstructions or vulnerable road users anywhere around the vehicle.
This piece of safety hardware will prove invaluable in keeping a safe interface between the vehicle and vulnerable
road users and is well suited to difficult congested urban conditions including close proximity with pedestrians and
cyclists all sharing road space.

The Backeye 360 Select system has a standard dual-view mode which shows a remarkable 360 degree
birds-eye view surrounding the vehicle, while the second is an individual camera view of either
the right, left, or rear camera of the vehicle. The second view is controlled by trigger inputs and
can be used to show a side camera when the vehicle turn signal is activated and also to the rear
when reverse gear is engaged. On-screen icons show which camera is currently being displayed.

The operator also has the option to manually select which camera is being displayed via the dash
mounted remote. At all times the 360 degree view remains on screen.

Key Features

  • Eliminates blind spots.
  • Comprehensive view of the surrounding areas in a single image.
  • 360 real-time video output.
  • Customisable triggered views (rear, left and right).
  • On-screen distance markers on rear view.
  • Configurable viewing distance to suit different applications.
  • Multi-voltage.
  • Compatible with Brigade monitors & Mobile Digital Recorders.
    REFER PDF Brochure attached below for more information


  • Voltage: 12-24V
  • Current draw: 1.23A
  • Video system: NTSC
  • Frames per second: 30FPS
  • Camera field of view: 185 degree H / 142 degree V
  • Camera inputs: 4
  • Video inputs: 2
  • Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Trigger inputs: 3
  • Vibration: 10G
  • EMC: CE and E marked
  • Operating temperature: -30 degrees to 75 degrees celcius
  • Ingress protection: Camera IP67
    REFER PDF Brochure attached below for more information

20-SE770D100 System Contains

  • 1 x 7 inch monitor
  • 4 x ultra wide angle cameras
  • 1 x cable - 10 metre ECU to camera
  • 2 x cable - 15 metre ECU to camera
  • 1 x cable - 20 metre ECU to camera
  • 1 x ECU unit
  • 1 x Adaptor - Monitor to RCA connector
  • 1 x Adaptor - RCA Female to Female
  • 1 x Remote

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