Part number: 22-146
Pack size: EA
Type: Air Horn 
Volt: 12V 
dB: 133 
Feature: Truck / Bus 18A Deep Bass Sound 

Part # 22-146


Stebel have adapted the Nautilus to create an air horn to suit truck / bus applications.
At only 10cm WIDE, it is able to emit 133dB at an "earthquaking" frequency of 300Hz.
Up until now, this same frequency performance could be reached only by using "trombones"
of almost 50cm in length and the obvious placement difficulties that come with such bulky items.

The Stebel compact truck horn does not require complex connections to the vehicle's
compressed air chamber because it features an incorporated minicompressor with a
totally independent capability. Particularly suited for mountings "under the hood".
Perfect for truck, bus and other  12V applications requiring DEEP BASS warning systems.

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