Part number: 22-SA400
Pack size: EA
Type: Reverse Alarm 
Volt: 12V - 24V 
dB: *82-102 
Feature: Self Adjusting Waterproof, Sealed Agains 

Part # 22-SA400

Smart BackAlarm, Self Adjusting Volume Reversing Bleepers, Medium Duty

For trucks, buses and coaches, light mobile plant and industrial vehicles. Carefully optimised
frequency/loudness characteristics make these units clearly audible under typical working
conditions without being a nuisance in the urban/highway environment.

  • Tough, durable, guaranteed waterproof (IP68)
  • Solid-state, spark-free electronics epoxy-sealed against mud water and vibration
  • Can be steam-cleaned and pressure hosed
  • DB Rating: 82-102 dB
  • Voltage Range: 12 - 24Vdc
  • Current Amps: 0.2
  • Size WxHxDmm: 100x72x32
  • Hole Centre mm: 76-82

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