Part number: 22-SABBS97
Pack size: EA
Type: Reverse Alarm 
Volt: 12V - 24V 
dB: *77-97 
Feature: Self Adjusting Sound Level,Waterproof 

Part # 22-SABBS97

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Smart self-adjusting white sound reversing alarm

Note: Brigade broadband reverse alarms produce a unique
'cuuurk...cuuurk...cuuurk' sound which is very different from the
sound of standard reverse alarms.
Watch the related video linked above for a more detail

White sound is a revolutionary advancement in the field of reversing safety. Unique to Brigade,
white sound reversing alarms (bbs-tek) are the safest and yet quietest on the market. The
distinct ssh ssh sound is less irritating than tonal beeping alarms, preventing workers from
becoming desensitised to the warning.

The sound emitted is directional and therefore instantly locatable, enabling pedestrians to
work out exactly which vehicle is moving and in which direction, allowing them to move to
safety. This makes them the safest option for the visually impaired who may not be able to
see the vehicle reversing but will hear the direction it is reversing in.

The wide spectrum of frequencies created, means the hearing impaired are often able to
detect some sound, unlike with narrow band tonal alarms. White sound reversing alarms work

effectively at lower decibel ratings containing the sound only in the danger area. The fitment
of bbs-tek reduces noise complaints from local residents and is endorsed by the Noise
Abatement society.

Introducing the smart, self-adjusting bbs-tek reversing alarm with a volume range from
77-97 db(A), making it ideal for trucks, buses, coaches, forklifts, airport vehicles and light
mobile plant working in areas where the ambient noise level may vary significantly.

This is particularly important for vehicles manoeuvring in close proximity to each other or
going from a noisy environment such as a factory floor to a quieter external location such as a
work yard, ensuring the warningis always heard.

Smart self-adjusting sound level. Ambient noise is monitored once every second and
automatically adjusts the alarm volume 5-10dB above the sampled noise level. Focuses
warning sound in the danger zone behind the vehicle, so doesnt annoy site neighbours or
other people.

Sound is instantly locatable so you can tell which vehicle is reversing. Unlike annoying
conventional alarms, the shh...shh... sound of broadband sound (white sound) is easy on the
ear and dissipates fast outside the danger area.

  • Tough, durable, waterproof (IP68)
  • Solid state, sparkfree electronics,epoxy sealed for protection against vibration, dust and
  • Power Supply: 12-24Vdc
  • Power Consumption: 0.5
  • DB Rating: 77-97 Fulton Hogan