Spark Shop Ultimate
Part number: 27-313
Pack size: EA
Type: < 10A 
Volt: 6V 
Amp: *1.6A 
Power Supply: Without 
Feature: Lead Acid - 1 Output/3 Stage 
Volt/Batt Selection: N/A / N/A 

Part # 27-313
  • Full automatic 3 stage charging system.
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection.
  • Charges from zero volt, enabling charging to a dead flat battery.
  • Suitable for 6V motorcycle batteries, including GEL, Calcium, Sealed and
    conventional Lead Acid.
  • Perfect for charging maintenance on motorcycles, Jetskis and other small,
    infrequently used vehicles to ensure you always have a charged battery.


  • Charging type: 3 stage charge system
  • Input voltage: 185 - 255VAC
  • Boost and absorption stage: 7.4V
  • Float stage: 6.85V
  • Start voltage: 0V
  • Working environment: -15 to 50 degree C
  • Charges small vehicle batteries up to 150CCA or 60 A/H
  • Maintains batteries up to 350CCA or 80 A/H