Erich Jaeger
Part number: 17-914
Pack size: EA
Group: Connector 
Type: ABS / EBS 
Application: Plug 
Size: 5 / 7 Pin 
Feature: ABS/EBS 24V 

Part # 17-914
Part # 17-914

These connectors are used for the electrical connection of the ABS braking system
between a truck tractor and a trailer or semitrailer in the commercial vehicles sector.

The plugs are connected to the sockets with a steel bracket to avoid accidental
disconnection. Mechanical resistance and reliable water tightness guarantee an
efficient and reliable electrical connection.

  • 1. Positive electrovalves (Red)
  • 2. Positive electronic connections (Black)
  • 3. Negative electronic connections (Yellow)
  • 4. Negative elettrovalves (Brown)
  • 5. Warning light connection (White)
  • 6. CANH connection (White/Green)
  • 7. CANL connection (White/Brown)

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